Department of Science and Humanities

Department of Physics

The department of physics has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members.

“An understanding of Physics is fundamental to the education of every engineer.”

Engineering physics is the study of the combined disciplines of physics, engineering and mathematics in order to develop an understanding of the interrelationships of these three disciplines. Fundamental physics is combined with problem solving and engineering skills, which then has broad applications. A career path for engineering physics is usually “engineering, applied science or applied physics through research, teaching or entrepreneurial engineering” coverage of engineering physics can be one course, one curriculum, or one book. An excellent team of highly motivated active faculty has enabled the students to perform well in the examinations.

Department of English

The Department of English functions as a supporting department to the mainstream engineering departments. The importance of this department stems from the dynamic needs of the corporate world wherein today it is not just important to be knowledgeable but also equally important to communicate one’s knowledge effectively. The department has highly qualified and motivated faculty.

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the basic sciences which apart from its application in its own field, is applicable to other fields such as engineering & technology, chemical engineering, polymer, biotechnology etc. An engineering student’s career begins with basic science subjects which are thought in the first year.

The staff members are well qualified, experienced, and competitive in teaching as well as R & D activities.

Department of Mathematics

All science and Engineering requires mathematics.

The core objectives of the department are to impart students with logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills; to equip them with more technological skills and scientific computing techniques based on mathematical methods to meet the growing demand in the industrial, marketing and communication sectors; to widen their horizon of knowledge with a focus on research papers; focus on value based education for intellectual enhancement to suit the context of globalization; introduce realistic application of Mathematics in related sciences; and to enable the student to appreciate the intrinsic aspects of mathematics. The department has highly qualified and motivated faculty. The department of mathematics has the modern teaching materials to inculcate the application of mathematics to increase the perception of the students.

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