Rules & Regulations

Attn : Parents & Students Both

Parents & students are required to go through the following rules / regulation very carefully which have to be followed by each student very strictly.

Rules & Regulations

  • 1. A student admitted in the institute has to abide by the rules and regulation of the institute strictly.

  • 2. A candidate who is found to have furnished false information or to have suppressed material information will be expelled and his/her fees will be forfeited.

  • 3. A candidate is supposed to furnish with actual information in the application form. Any false/surprised information will be caused for his/her expulsion from the Institute.

  • 4. False declaration of qualification by the candidate will disqualify his/her admission to the Institute including appropriate penal action.

  • 5. This Prospectus provides all necessary information that you need as a student of the college. If you still need further clarification please contact Principal/Administrative Officer.

  • 6. Entrance test will be held at college campus. Candidate will be informed for exam schedule.

  • 7. The admission is confirmed only; after submission of admission fees and SLC/CLC.

  • 8. Leaving the course amidst, the amount deposited after admission shall not be returned at any cost and student must have to pay the full amount of fee.

  • 9. After admission, there is no provision of returning and adjusting the tuition fee or other fees.

  • 10. A student must wear his uniform and carry his/her Identity Card while attending the theory/practical sessions and produce it on demand.

  • 11. Every student must take out on admission his/her identity card which will be supplied by the institute. The students must carry their identity cards with their photograph affixed on the same and present them for inspection when demanded. No student will be allowed to attend classes, practical etc. unless he/she has his/her identity card with him/her. Loss of identity card should be reported to the Principal in writing immediately. In case the Principal is satisfied with the reason, a fresh card will be issued on payment.

  • 12. The candidate has to surrender his/her Identity Card at the time of receiving the degree.

  • 13. Student accompanied by visitor/friend / relative will not be allowed into the class / machine room.

  • 14. No college student is permitted to make fun of, tease, abuse, manhandle and make physical assault on any Faculty members, Administrative staffs, Visitors and any other person both inside or outside the College premises.

  • 15. "Ragging is Prohibited as per the decision of the Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition No. (C) 656/1998". All the students should know that Ragging is prohibited and is a criminal offence. A student indulging in any act of ragging, howsoever insignificant it may be, will be dealt with severely and handed over to law and order authorities. In addition, the college will take disciplinary action at its end, which may include rustication of the defaulters from the college.

  • 16. Students must attend classes, practical, tutorials, workshops; work in college according to the time table on all days when called upon to do so. Students must attend all examinations. The students must not absent themselves from any college’s activity without permission which may lead loss of term. Regular and punctual attendance is required in all classes for which the students are enrolled. In the event of illness the Principal should be informed and a medical certificate should be forwarded not later than the 4th day of absence.

  • 17. Each student is required to put in a minimum of 75% attendance failing which he/she shall not be allowed to appear for the examination of board/college. Absence or leave without permission is considered a breach of discipline, liable of fines, and any other action considered fit by the Principal. No leave will be granted without written application except in case of illness or emergency. Prior permission must be obtained for absence or leave from the Principal.

  • 18. The student must not leave the classes on their own without the permission of the lecturer concerned.

  • 19. Conduct of students in their classes as well as on the premises of the college must be such as will case no disturbance to fellow students or to other classes. The Principal may expel a student whose work or conduct is not satisfactory and the fees paid will be forfeited. Students who do not take their terminal examinations with due earnestness and diligence are also likely to be dealt with in the same manner.

  • 20. If for any reason the continuance of the student in the college, in the opinion of the Principal is detrimental to the best interest of the college, the Principal may ask such a student to leave the college without giving reason for his/her decision.

  • 21. If the Character of a student is found against the academic norms & principle, it is liable to take a hard action against them including fine.    

  • 22. Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the college that will in any way interface with its orderly administration and discipline.

  • 23. Defaming colleagues, Faculty members and staff of the College by designing cartoons or write ups and putting up on notice boards or crossing off or overwriting on notices published by the College is strictly forbidden.

  • 24. Students must not loiter about in the college premises while the classes are in progress. When free, they should make use of the college library.

  • 25. Postering and Pamphleting in relation to any matter inside the College or in its other premises is strictly prohibited.

  • 26. No student will be allowed to take part in current politics.

  • 27. No student is permitted to engage himself or herself directly or indirectly, in any activity of political nature inside or outside the premises of the College.

  • 28. No student should communicate any information to, or write about matter dealing with college’s administration to the press.

  • 29. No person may be invited to address a meeting without the prior permission of the Principal.

  • 30. No college student is allowed to form or be involved in a student party/union or organization of any kind inside or outside the college or its hostels.

  • 31. No college student is permitted to participate in any type of strike, demonstration or disrupt the functioning of the College.

  • 32. Non compliance of the rules of the college may also be dealt with by means of suitable fines.

  • 33. In the event of any dispute court of Kishanganj (Bihar) shall be the competent court having Jurisdiction in the matter to the exclusion of any other courts of the country.

  • 34. The college maintains a well equipped library. The students can take benefit of the books/journals as provided under rules, which can be ascertained from the Librarian.

  • 35. Students are expected to take proper care of the college property and to keep the premises neat and tidy. Any damage done to the property of the college by disfiguring walls, door fitting, and breaking furniture, machinery, computer and other equipments is a breach of discipline and culprits will be duly punished. The students may be charged for loss or damage to college property or equipment caused by his/her carelessness, negligence or misuse.

  • 36. No student is permitted to remove or take away any article of the college or cause any damage to the College and its College’s property or disrupt the learning and teaching activities of the College.

  • 37. No student is allowed to participate in any kind or nature of inhuman activity like locking up the facility, staff, administrators, technicians, or any person for fulfillment of one’s own or others demand.

  • 38. Vehicle of student should be parked only in those areas as provided for that purpose. The institute accepts. no responsibility for their safe custody.

  • 39. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college premises.

  • 40. No narcotic Drugs & Alcohol: AGI is committed to maintain its academic integrity and sanctity above every thing. To achieve this objective, it deems necessary to provide students with a peaceful academic environments. Therefore, use of narcotic drugs & alcohol at the college or at the hostels is strictly forbidden.

  • 41.Playing with colours or any other material inside the College campus or in the vicinity or adjoining places outside the College campus during the festivals is strictly forbidden. Students found indulging in such activity are liable for strict disciplinary action.

  • 42. Mobile phones in the college premises are banned. Strict action will be taken against students found violating this rule by confiscating their mobile phone and imposing a fine.

  • 43. Industrial training for the students of the 3rd year. In case of student fails to complete the aforesaid training at the designated establishment to the satisfaction of the Principal, his/her Diploma may be withheld till such training is completed.

  • 44. Matter not covered by the existing rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal.

  • 45. The institution may revise, amend or change any of the foregoing rules from time to time if required.

  • penalty

  • suspension from the classes

  • suspension from the college / hostel

  • debarring from appearing in the examinations

  • campus ban

  • expulsion

  • Rustication etc.

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