Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering
Branch Code: 20
Intake: 60
Year of Commencement: 2012

The field of Electrical Engineering (EE) is the place to be in for those who love electrical systems-ranging from heavy power generators to the smallest of microchips. This department infuses the design, manufacture, installation, operation contribute to improving the quality of life. The EE department at ACET prepares students in this field using new-age information and computer-intensive technologies. Studying Electrical Engineering will lead to potential careers in the Power industry, Robotics, Process industry and Bio-engineering. Electrical Engineering has an evergreen demand as its spectrum grows with advancement of all areas of technology. For high quality standard and technology upgradation at all levels in the industry electrical engineers have key role to play. Electricity is the lifeline of all other fields of technology. Any physical system, be it mechanical, electronics, computer, chemical, plastic, textile engineering, electricity keeps the heart beating of all the industries.

Electrical Engineering broadly involving electricity, electromagnetism and electronics is essential in modern human life and industries. The present day academic activities of electrical engineering are very broad with this due reason. The faculty members have strong sense of responsibility to provide the finest possible education

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