Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering
Branch Code: 15
Intake: 60
Year of Commencement: 2008

Civil Engineering is concerned with the improvement in quality of basic needs of human civilization and taking care of the naturally and humanly built environments with their planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance.

The world has witnessed such marvels as bridges, roads, human settlements, etc. since times immemorial. Civil works are a part and parcel of all our lives. We use civil constructions for housing, for transportation, and what not. There has always been and there will always be a great demand for civil engineers owing to the ever-increasing construction works going on everywhere. The myriad applications of the stream entice students to pursue a course in civil engineering.

The Department has highly educated and well experienced faculty members who endeavour to produce the finest engineers, contributing incredibly to the nation. The alumni of the department are widespread in India and abroad, occupying high positions in their respective fields.

The aim of the Department is to produce creative, wise, well skilled engineers, capable of taking responsibilities on their own to fulfill the requirements of present and future and to bring advancement for a better tomorrow.
As a developing nation, we have immense need of construction professionals and those who can not only engineer, but also manage all the peripherals.

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